Richard H Webb has been interested in health and fitness for a long time. He played baseball and football in high school. He continued to work out and ate healthy foods in his 20s and 30s. However, by the time he reached his 40s, his mindset changed for the better.

Okay, so it was a challenge from two friends that really jumpstarted his serious healthy lifestyle journey. But what a ride it has been since that challenge was issued in a Tampa airport almost 20 years ago.

While Richard spent a year after that challenge training for a bodybuilding competition, he had yet to understand what his future would look like. At the time, he thought he would be simply getting into shape and competing in an amateur bodybuilding contest.

What transpired from that contest was so much more. It was a journey that had Richard inspiring others with what he learned. One of the defining moments in Richard’s life had him realizing that spending more time working out, or doing something else, was not always the best option. During his bodybuilding trainings and competitions, he learned that he could work out for a quarter of the time and actually see better results. This seems to be his elevator pitch to promote his book, “Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness.”

He knew he had to share this incredible information with others, so he wrote a book called, “Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness.” A second edition of the book is currently available from Amazon with even more information Richard learned over the years. This book teaches people how to connect the mind and body for success in fitness, to workout efficiently, and to eat better. He puts it all into an easy 4-week plan that teaches the workouts and how to eat.

One criticism I have about the workout routine in his book is that he uses “time under tension” to get the results and is the primary reason he says he was able to reduce his workout down to 4 hours per week. While he sites research in his book that time under tension works, there’s plenty of research that says it does not work for building muscle. Take this for what it’s worth, and my recommendation is to try and see if it works for you.

Richard’s other accomplishments include a YouTube series called “2 Minutes to a Better You” where he shows more workouts at home, product reviews and inspiring messages. He has also used affirmations for years and event talks about how important the mind-body connection in the first chapter of his book. Within the last year, he started offering personalized affirmation audios to help people move past the mental blocks to health and fitness. This is another area of controversy, as there seems to be plenty of research supporting and debunking the use of affirmations on health and fitness.

Webb has built an entire brand around “Fat Burning Secrets” including a fitness book, a cookbook (both available on Amazon), the aforementioned affirmation product as well as his “Fat Burning Secrets Solutions” online course that he professes to encompass his entire “Fat Burning Secrets Lifestyle”. Learn more about Richard H Webb at his website,