You don’t have to be a sunscreen expert to know that sunscreen for face and body is a good thing to use on a regular basis. Throughout the year, the sun retains the ability to burn our skin, so protection is needed as much in the Winter as in the warmer months. 

The trouble is, even the best products on the market are going to struggle to protect you if you make any of the errors we describe here today. Read on to discover more about the errors people make every day around the world.

Error #1 - You Don't Apply Enough Sunscreen 

While it might seem like the thrifty thing to do when you only lightly apply your sunscreen for face each day - what you’re actually doing is leaving yourself unprotected. The people who created the sunscreen you use did so with a view to it being liberally applied across the skin - allowing it to do its work effectively. 

If you don't use enough, you’re basically intentionally lowering the SPF protection if offers, so don’t be stingy when applying it! 

Error #2 - You Go Into the Sun Immediately After Application

When using mineral sunscreen, it works straight away, but that’s not something that can be said for all types of products. Chemical sunscreens take 20-30 minutes to become fully absorbed into the skin - which is the point at which they start protecting you against UV rays. 

So, if you apply it and go straight out, you’re not fully protected, meaning you won’t get the full benefit it provides. 

Error #3 - Missing Areas of Skin 

While it might not seem like something you want to do, getting full coverage around the eyes is vital if you want to avoid sun damage that can lead to burning, wrinkles and skin ageing. The eyelids, for example, are particularly delicate, so they should never be missed. 

Consider the fact that skin cancer is commonly found on the eyelids and you quickly realise that missing them is folly. Get full coverage every time to avoid the problem, so remember your eyelids, out eyelid area, the tops of your ears, nose, lips and neck. 

Error #4 - Forgetting to Reapply

Another major mistake people make when using sunscreen for face is to forget to reapply it on a regular basis. You’re supposed to reapply the product every two hours when you’re out in the sun for a prolonged period, but the stats show that around ⅓ of Americans don’t bother. 

Failing to do so again puts you at risk, as your sunscreen isn’t designed to protect you all day. Every two hours is the minimum, which should be even more frequent if you get wet at any point. 

Error #5 - Using Out-of-Date Sunscreen

According to the FDA, sunscreens should have a shelf life of around 3 years, after which the protection they provide degrades on a sliding scale. So if after checking your sunscreen’s best-before date, you find that it was a number of years ago, you’re going to need to buy some more. 

The physical act of applying it to your skin won’t hurt you, but the sun will. So, always check whether yours is still in date. 

Avoid These Sunscreen For Face Errors For Healthy Skin 

Of course, you can never 100% protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays, but you can do much to mitigate them through the use of good quality sunscreen. 

As we’ve seen here though, this only works when you use the product properly, so it’s important that you take the advice provided here and apply it in your life.